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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this recovery house considered a sober house?

-Yes, we provide recovery housing, it is more than just being sober.

What is the 3-month minimum stay requirement fee?

-It is a deposit that you get back at the time you exit. It is required to reserve your bed. During the move in orientation you will receive the 3-month time period. At the end of the 3 month minimum stay requirement the fee will be refunded to you or you will have the option to use it towards your housing fee. If you are asked to leave or volunteer to leave it will be forfeited.

What is provided at CVH?

-CVH provides bedding, towels, and cleaning supplies. Residents are responsible for food and personal hygiene items.

Does CVH accept treatment assistance payments?

-Yes, we provide recvoery housing to different treatment centers that provide assitance for recovery housing.

Can I have a car at CVH?

-Yes, you can have a car. CVH has off street parking for your convenience.

Can I have overnight visitors? 

There are no overnight visitors, you are able to have visitors during visiting hours.