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Georgia Giles-Jones and Bernard Jones

 Georgia Giles-Jones and Bernard Jones  met in 2010 while attending business management classes at Saint Paul College. Georgia is a Saint Paul native and has strong Saint Paul family roots that date back to over eight decades ago. Bernard was raised in Michigan but has been an active resident for over fifteen years. Their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping individuals in need of a second chance at life inspired them to open a human services business named Central Village Housing (CVH). Georgia and Bernard both grew up around and witnessed firsthand addiction and the negative impact it has on individuals, families and communities, this led them to dedicating their business to providing housing for individuals in recovery. In 2015 Georgia and Bernard courageously decided to transform their own home into their first recovery home (Central House), followed by opening a second recovery home in November of 2016 (Blair House) and third home in 2018 (Asbury House) and on the path to opening more. Georgia and Bernard’s love for St. Paul and the recovery community keeps them committed to growing their business.